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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Neville-Neville Land 2022 year in review

2022 M2C NPCsThe end of 2022 brings to a close the fourth year I’ve been publishing this blog. What started as something of a lark has developed into a full-blown escapade.

This year I published 48 posts examining the iconoclastic beliefs and assertions of Jonathan Neville and his associates in the so-called “Heartland” Book of Mormon movement. That’s down from 72 in 2021 and 74 in 2020. The reduced number of posts this year has been due mostly to (a) my increasingly busy schedule and (b) Jonathan Neville’s regular routine of regurgitating the same content over and over again, only using just ever-so-slightly different words. There’s only so many times that I can write about (to use just one example) his repeated fatuous assertion that people who don’t agree with him are “rejecting the teachings of the prophets.”

Among the significant developments this year in Neville-Neville Land, I would include the following:

Finally, here are the top ten Neville-Neville Land posts for 2022 by number of reads:

  1. The First Presidency reviewed Saints before publication (July 27, 2022).
  2. Jonathan Neville reacts to Spencer Kraus’s reviews (June 30, 2022).
  3. President Nelson and the attention to detail in Saints (August 4, 2022).
  4. Follow-up: The character of Stephen Reed (“TwoCumorahFraud”) (March 14, 2022).
  5. “Doctor Scratch,” perpetual gadfly and blowhard (July 23, 2022).
  6. Recommended watching: Spencer Kraus’s interview with Robert Boylan (July 19, 2022).
  7. Peter’s hiatus and three brief notices (March 6, 2022).
  8. Jonathan Neville’s latest folly: The Kinderhook Plates (March 30, 2022).
  9. Spencer Kraus’s devastating review of Jonathan Neville’s A Man that Can Translate (June 17, 2022).
  10. Rian Nelson pulls a Michael Scott (April 11, 2022).

Last year at this time, I wrote, “I see little evidence that Jonathan Neville will retreat from his extremist views in the coming year and bring himself more in line with the teachings of the prophets regarding the Book of Mormon and how the Prophet Joseph Smith translated it.” I’m saddened to report that I was right. However, 2023 brings a new year and new opportunities, so here’s hoping that more people will see through the transparent falsehoods of the Heartland movement in the coming year.

Happy new year!

—Peter Pan


  1. Hey Peter. I'm not as well versed on these things as you. For someone who says David Whitmer was inconsistent in his testimony of Joseph Smith using a stone, what would you say? I'm not as familiar with the sources but my guess would there are only minor variations in retelling the story, similar to Joseph Smith's first vision, but nothing contradictory so as to discount his testimony. What do you think?

    1. Ask them ℎ𝑜𝑤 David Whitmer was supposedly inconsistent. Also take a look at the accounts Whitmer left; they’re extremely consistent.



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