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Monday, March 14, 2022

Follow-up: The character of Stephen Reed (“TwoCumorahFraud”)

My last post was an open letter to Stephen Reed, a zealous Heartlander and conspiracy theorist (two things which often go hand-in-hand).

Mr. Reed regularly comment-bombs this blog with hateful, petty, immature remarks. I don’t usually approve his comments to be published; this only causes him to mock me for supposedly being afraid of the truth, yadda, yadda.

Here’s an example of one of his latest comments. I’m posting this only because I want my readers to know the kind of remarks that prompted my open letter to him. I don’t know Mr. Reed personally, but his comments clearly demonstrate that he’s obsessed and possibly somewhat unhinged.

Rod Meldrum’s FIRM Foundation has published Mr. Reed’s writings. Take that as you will.

—Peter Pan


  1. SR's response doesn't approach the verbal sparring of a third-grade playground squabble, let alone a John Cleese-level of "argument" (i.e., mere contradiction: "the automatic gainsaying of any statement the other person makes".) The kind of rabid, 'Murica-Mormonism" on display in his comment is toxic to America and Mormonism. And to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (which of course is a GLOBAL church).

    And since he brought up temple recommends, it's ironic that he'll never know if you're standing in a prayer circle with him.

  2. How to plagiarize for Money:

    Step 1 - find some old books in the Public Domain, plagiarize them
    Step 2 - call yourself a Scholar and LDS Apologist
    Step 3 - sell monthly newsletters, books, lectures, websites
    Step 4 - attack everyone that disagrees with your plagiarism
    Step 5 - if you happen to be a tax attorney, create a 501(c) based off the old books for your tax-free retirement, make one for Dan Peterson
    Step 6 - file annually IRS tax form 990 which is public information which has your name and address and how much money you earned tax-free plagiarizing old books
    Step 7 - Ingratiate yourself with Apostles by moving onto their street from Southern California
    Step 8 - hire dishonest people who will help you perpetuate the plagiarized fraud and increase your 501(c)(3) retirement account
    Step 9 - hire a sock puppet named after a plagiarized Disney Cartoon because plagiarism is the only thing you can do your entire life




    1. Mr. Reed,

      You’re deranged. Please get help.


  3. Truly, Mr. Reed is a scary fellow!

  4. Hey, Stephen,

    Remember that part about being a Christian?

    Maybe try it sometime. Either that, or be ready to say, "Lord, Lord..."


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