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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Spencer Kraus: “A swing and a miss from Jonathan Neville”

Jonathan Neville has continued his critique “peer review” of Spencer Kraus’s review of his book, A Man that Can Translate.

In his latest blog post, Neville makes some fundamental errors because he misreads both the original sources and Kraus’s review. (For a former lawyer, he has a surprisingly poor ability to understand what he reads.)

On his own blog, Spencer Kraus has replied to Neville’s misfire: —Peter Pan

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  1. Peter, I have updated the post with two sentences that I forgot to include. Orson Pratt in another sermon used the term Urim and Thummim to describe multiple instruments and even hinted that Joseph's seer stone could serve as such, as well as Joseph of Egypt's silver cup. I have a post discussing this sermon here that your readers might be interested in:

    Of course, that is far too inconvenient a fact for Neville to consider.


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