Refuting the errors of Jonathan Neville and the Heartland hoax

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Many people are not asking (in case you were asking)

Beach in the MaldivesIt’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. Unlike Jonathan Neville, however, I’m not going to disengenuously claim that “many people ask why” because, honestly, no one has asked me why.

Even though no one has asked, I’ll tell you the reason anyway: I’ve been taking a bit of a break and enjoying life without giving much thought to the Heartland hoax. I’ll be back when I feel good and rested.

In the meantime, here are three items of note:

  1. Jonathan Neville has continued to push his conspiracy theory about the supposed coverup of the “true” identity of the angel who appeared to Mary Whitmer. Neville still refuses to grapple with the giant problem of Elder Garrit W. Gong’s October 2020 General Conference talk in which he affirmed that the angel was, indeed, Moroni and not Nephi. (Perhaps Elder Gong is part of the conspiracy?)
  2. Contrary to what you may have heard, I’m not Daniel Peterson, so I haven’t had the opportunity to see the new film Witnesses yet. I’ve been told by several friends who have seen it that it’s very good, so I hope to catch it this coming weekend.
  3. My network of informants has recently shared a juicy rumor with me that two individuals who are prominent in the Heartland community already believe in polygamy and are now “shopping around” for the right fundamentalist Mormon offshoot group to join. If true, this is quite significant and demonstrates my contention that the Heartland hoax is a “gateway drug” into apostate fundamentalist cults. I’ll share more information if and when this rumor is confirmed.

—Peter Pan


  1. Some prominent Heartlanders in search for a ploygamist sect to join themselves to, the Stoddards reject prophets teaching Joseph using a seer stone, David Hocking agreeing with Denver Snuffer about being anti-D&C 89 and 132, Wayne May saying the Church is under condemnation, Kimberly Smith saying the Church is out of the way, Neville publicly saying that the Book of Mormon should not be used for missionary efforts, Rod Meldrum declaring the Church History Department to be his antagonist, Dean Sessions mangling science and scripture, and Rian Nelson continuing to abuse and misuse statements about the Promised Land by Church leaders to conform to the pseudo-history carefully construed by their own imaginations.

    Sounds very much like a gateway drug to apostasy to me.

  2. I had predicted publicly back in 2017 or 2018 (after hearing reports from the FIRM conference from friends who had attended) that the Heartland leadership would talk themselves out of the Church by 2020. I think COVID slowed that process somehow, but they certainly seem to be back on track now, as per this post and Spencer's observations.


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