Examining the claims of Jonathan Neville and the Heartland movement

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Heartlanders expect the apostles’ views to change

My personal life has been very busy lately, and this blog has suffered for new content because of it. For that, I apologize; I wish there was something I could do about it.

Just to offer you a little morsel, here’s a disturbing exchange that took place on the Facebook page of the FIRM Foundation. In response to another bizarre post by Rian Nelson—who doesn’t seem to know that a hostile non-Mormon editor punctuated the first edition of the Book of Mormon—a critic of the Church dropped in and commented that Heartland views on Joseph Smith and seer stones don’t line up with what modern Church leaders are saying. (His statement is factually correct, despite the fact that he was mocking the Church.)

A Heartlander responded by claiming that the apostle was wrong but might come around someday. “Give him time – opinions can change.” That’s the Heartland way of explaning why their views contradict what living prophets are teaching. They believe that the Church is off course, and they’re hoping that Church leaders will someday start believing and teaching Heartlanderism.

—Peter Pan


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