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Friday, September 18, 2020

We get fan mail

I welcome all comments, especially ones that disagree with something I’ve written.

My only rule is that comments must be thoughtful. I don’t publish “drive-by” comments.

So, while I won’t be publishing the following comment, I do wish to demonstrate to “TwoCumorahFraud” that I don’t censor, obviously or otherwise:
Comment from TwoCumorahFraud on the Neville-Neville Land blog, 17 September 2020
Jonathan Neville insists that “those who accept the New York Cumorah are happy to discuss their reasoning and are confident, not defensive.”

TwoCumorahFraud’s comment doesn’t seem to be a good representative of his assertion.

—Peter Pan

1 comment:

  1. It seems Dan Peterson gets similar fan mail from the same guy, or someone who shares the same taste of online names to attack a non-Heartland model. Heartlanders like Neville are always going off against "anonymous online trolls" and yet here is another example of them using online anonymity to their advantage where any pretense of civility is thrown out the window. (This isn't the first time they've done this either - they have responded to Amazon reviews of the AEBOM criticizing reviewers for using online usernames and saying their reviews sound like anti-Latter-day Saint tirades before signing it as "an editor," not even leaving their own name. Do what we say, no what we do.)

    Also, I love how the most specific criticism he has is how the comment box is "small and stupid." Maybe if he wasn't using a mobile browser that might help.

    But in all seriousness, nobody is being censored. On Book of Mormon Central's archive they have tags for the Hopewell, Heartland, etc, including pictures of Hopewell clothes and mounds. They also have articles responding to the Heartland model, making readers aware of it. Neville may say he is neutral for mentioning other models while attacking them and their proponents, but then by that same logic BMC is neutral as well, except they don't attack people who disagree with them and raise actual scholarship to defendtheir claims against a Heartland model, something Neville has yet to do. It seems censorship from BMC and the rest of the cartel is as real as TwoCumorahFraud being this commenter's real name.


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