Refuting the errors of Jonathan Neville and the Heartland hoax

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Jonathan Neville rejects the teachings of prophet Russell M. Nelson

Just over two months ago, President Russell M. Nelson toured Latin America, where he told 22,000 members of the Church in Guatemala that, “The lands of Central America and South America are studded with ruins—remnants—of ancient civilizations,” and that, through the Book of Mormon, “we not only learn more about those ancient inhabitants, but we learn that the Lord cares for His children in this hemisphere, both in ancient times, and in modern times.”

During that same tour, President Nelson spoke to 5,825 missionaries from thirty-five missions in Brazil, where he told them how to introduce the Book of Mormon to Brazilians who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:
Ask if they know about the mission of Jesus Christ to the people of South America.
According to the Church News, he told these missionaries to “open to 3 Nephi 11 where they can read Jesus Christ’s ‘important words’ spoken to the Nephites.”

So, apparently, President Nelson—whom 16 million Latter-day Saints sustain as prophet, seer, and revelator—does not believe the Heartland theory that the Book of Mormon city of Bountiful, where Jesus appeared to the Book of Mormon peoples, is in the American Midwest.

Yet Jonathan Neville rejects the teachings of the prophet by continuing to insist that “the Book of Mormon took place in North America, not Central America or anywhere else,” that the land Bountiful was in present-day Ohio, and that the Church’s Correlation Department is “repudiating the prophets” by showing artwork depicting Jesus appearing to the Nephites in Central America.
Jonathan Neville rejects the teachings of prophet Russell M. Nelson
Whom should be follow? President Russell M. Nelson? Or Jonathan Neville?

I’d say the answer to that is fairly obvious to everyone…except, of course, Jonathan Neville.

—Peter Pan


  1. Today I had the privilege of serving in the Salt Lake Temple (cleaning). What a wonderful to spend a Veterans Day Monday (I am a vet). In the hallway that leads to the baptistery, where the workers staged, there is a picture of the Savior blessing Nephite children. Behind the Savior is a large pyramid shaped Mayan temple. The title of the the this picture is "Christ in the Land Bountiful" It can be found here:

    This is the only piece of art in the Salt Lake Temple that has a depiction that includes Mayan culture.

    1. I supposed Jonathan Neville would claim that the Temple Department has also succumbed to the “M2C” conspiracy. 😉

    2. Or perhaps the temple itself. (Also need an edit - should read "This is not the only piece ..." then delete this part.)

  2. Stephen, I think Jonathan Devilinlettersevenneville is actually a lesser challenger to geography than those (mainstream) scholars espousing Usumacinta/Sidon theories. Are you working on the Grijalva-versus-Usumacinta controversy? I would like for you to address it. It seems many scholars are forgetting John L. Sorenson's works.
    ---Jeff Faulkner,

    1. Jeff,

      My name isn’t Stephen. I’m afraid that I don’t know who you’re addressing. Sorry!



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